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Day 2 of 365

Sunday 4/12/11


Leotards from Capezio for $10 each!!!!

In burgundy and

In black

And from the UK for 11gbp ($16) (Bloch, split sole not full sole like the pic)

SATIN BALLET SHOES!!!!!!!! I haven’t seen these in Australia so I’m SO RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED RIGHT NOW. That’s what’s so beautiful about pointes, the shine of the satin, so YAY FOR NOT HAVING TO WAIT TILL I FINALLY GET ON POINTE TO HAVE SHINY SHOES. I was going to get canvas shoes to wear when I’m at the Flemington studio, because the floors are brand new tarkett and my leather shoes sometimes get stuck if I’m brushing through derriere to devant and twists my ankles, but I don’t like the look of canvas SO TO HAVE SATIN MAKES ME SO EXCITED!! But I will still wear my trusty old leather ones at Hawthorn on the lovely worn down floors, until they fall apart entirely which you should probably be expecting somewhere around day 200! Make a note of that. Might contact the TAB and see if they want to start taking bets on it. 

I did more therabanding today, it’s definitely working! Straight after I do it my ankles roll about half as much as usual, so if I keep at it over summer fingers crossed there’ll be noticeable improvement by the time I get back into everything! 

I also wrote down everything we’ve done in barre the last couple of weeks while it was all fresh in my head so I can practice. Not that I’m meant to practice BUT TRY AND STOP ME!

I better stop talking or I’ll have nothing left to say tomorrow. This is good, it makes me practice and stretch and theraband every day just so I have something to write about!

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