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Days 3, 4 and 5 of 365

Yeah. I suck. Shh.


Today I sat around on my fat ass doing nothing and getting fat. 


Today capezio called me and told me they no longer have the leotard I want in the colour I want in stock. So now I have to get it in ballet pink. I ALREADY HAVE A PINK CAPEZIO LEOTARD I NEED A BLACK ONE FOR CALISPASTICS MOFUCKER. Whatevs I’ll wear colours to summer school and ballet and maybe coaching if I feel like it. 

I also did theraband stuff, I hate when I don’t get INSTANT results. That’s why I can never stick to a diet or exercise plan or anything, I’m too impatient. But To make it easy on myself I’m only doing feet and ankles every day, turnout I’ll do when I can be bothered. I’m ridiculously tired right now hence this whole post will be BLURRRRRRRRRGH CEEBS EVERYTHING


Yay a class day!! So I had my second class at Flemington with Helen (usually I’m at Hawthorn with Rosemary) and as much as I prefer Rosemary’s sense of feeling through everything, it’s good to have a new pair of eyes and a new teaching style. Helen is big on arms and heads, aaaaaalways properly following our arms with our heads and being very specific on what arms she wants in each exercise whereas with Rose it’s generally second for battement anything and arms matching feet for plies, rond de jambe etc. 

We didn’t do slow plies which annoyed me, I need the extra 2 counts to reeeally make sure my deportment and turnout is right. I get it, they want us to be able to do that in 2 counts now but I dunno, I almost went to say I prefer adage but then I remembered tonight’s adage and I TAKE IT BACK. Rond de jambe was HELL, she went around the whole room to each of us individually and forced out turnout, it’s fine going devant to decote but holy mother of god my hips are not made to do what she was forcing me to do going to derriere! I struggle enough with the half turn out we do in calisthenics, full turn out IN A ROND DE JAMBE reghfiurhgiuhgiuwheog my knees are hurting from the pain of trying to concentrate so hard on having them out. I feel like I’m tilting my hips HEAPS when I do any degage derriere, for some reason I’ve always had more trouble with ‘back toe points’ than anyone else in any dance class I’ve ever been in. Adage at barre was also hell, I don’t know if we were allowed to lean forward in our arabesques or not, a lot of girls were but I had the sense we weren’t, and she kept saying LEGS HIGHER LEGS HIGHER and I’m like iewhfuiehgiuerguire. My legs are flexible enough, my lower back is most certainly NOT.

Adage in centre is a major struggle point for me, once again degage derriere I just can’t balance on. And now we’re doing arabesques and my supporting leg just AUTOMATICALLY turns in. Stupid ankles, if I turn it out my ankle rolls in and my centre of gravity shifts inwards, and as there’s no other leg to counterbalance it I just fall. Tendus I love. I can do tendus and I can do them good :D 

Petite allegro was hell. Then grande allegro was extra hell. It’s so so so hot in that studio and I was getting asthma bad, after the 4th run through of the combination in grand allegro I thought for sure she would let us stop, my head was spinning I was burning up and I couldn’t breathe but nope let’s just go a few more times. 

I feel good now, I know I worked really, really, really hard and I’m looking forward to Rosemary’s take on allthese things on Saturday :)

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