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Day 6 of 365


Today my capezio leotards came! They’re a size bigger than I got last time because I’m semi tall and I found the straps on the L digging into my shoulders, but the XL is a bit too big on my body which means I have to wear a braaaa :( I’ve gotten so used to not wearing one now! I always thought wearing a leotard without a bra would be painful and uncomfortable, but seriously all it takes is a GOOD leotard and the support is as good as a bra, if not better. And good leotards suck your tummy in as well ;) not that I need that because my deportment is so good LOLJKS

At ballet on Wednesday night we did calf raises, only about 10 on each leg so nothing bad at all. Until I went to do some today. What the hell I did 5 on one leg and physically couldn’t do another! So needless to say my calves hurt A LOT today. 

I’ve been thinking about my calisthenics warm up for next year, I’m learning so much from ballet that I want to put in there. I always do kicks with my girls (something I got from a rhythmic gymnastics warm up, I haven’t seen it done on a weekly basis by any calisthenics coaches but you can tell it helped my girls this year, if only by the fact there was no moaning during kicks by the end of the year!) but usually with them lying supine, I’m contemplating putting in a grand battement instead, and calf raises ESPECIALLY for my younger girls.

People don’t appreciate the importance of ankle strength, in calisthenics we require turnout from the word go, when I started I was 5 and a very weak little child with no natural turnout, and as we did no ankle strengthening in class but had to turn out, my ankles now roll inwards to the point where I sprain my ankle literally every time I run and I often sickle. So I won’t let this happen to my girls! Even if it gets to comp time and I have to chuck their warm up on stage as a routine, it’ll be worth it for them in future.  I also want to get their deportment going, if my assistants are doing the warm up I’m going to be SO strict, I know that in their warm up this year they did a ‘sumo’ sit, like a deep demi plie a la seconde but they were taught to lean forward in it. Yes, it’s a good stretch but by bringing good technique into their warm up it makes a lot easier for it to transfer into their work!

This is like not a day blog at all it’s just meaningless talking 

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