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Day 8 of 365


I cannot express my love for Saturday classes. Everything’s just so much better, I love it. And next term’s timetable came out, I have Rosemary again :) So happyy! To help you understand her imaginary things, I’ll go through the whole class with her little tips and tricks for barre work

Plies she says rise up to go down, push down to go up. Try it, it’s amazing for your deportment!

Tendus she says to create a little skateboard ramp in the floor, pushing your toes into the floor, then scrap chewing gum off the bottom of your foot to bring it back in. If you’re flexing your foot in the tendu, don’t lift your toes, instead push your heel like you’re trying to extend your heel along the line of your leg, pushing its energy out to the floor ahead of you, and your foot will flex to accommodate this

Glisse she says although your foot is coming up, it should have a downwards energy. The energy is flowing from the inside of your thigh around and down to your big toe and continuing a straight line to the floor. This stops your leg from just floating up with no strength behind it

In adage, your supporting leg is continuously turning out to the mirrors (without moving of course). Try not to think of the working leg, by concentrating all your energy downwards through your supporting leg the working leg can do anything without trouble. We did second arabesque in adage this week and she said imagine you’re in a big balloon, and you need to try and stretch the balloon bigger using your head, arm and legs. The working leg must be shooting it’s energy backwards while the arm send it forwards, and your head is sending it upwards while the ball of the foot on your supporting leg sends it downwards

In fondu all she really says is concentrate on “zipping up your front and down your back while the plum line hanging from your neck dangles forwards of your hips”

Grand battement is all about the energy, your leg is strong and fighting to escape the floor, the floor holds onto it at first until you reach a tendu, then your leg escapes and shoots upwards, but it hits a wall like a trampoline and is pushed straight back down with as much force (but control) as it went up with

It helps me so much, I don’t think I’ll ever forget these things. And she’s started telling us to breath in or out at certain parts of any port de bras which helps you relax so much

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