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Days 9 and 10 of 365


I watched Mao’s Last Dancer. I met Li Cunxin when I was about 13, just after his autobiography was published, so it wasn’t well known and it CERTAINLY wasn’t a film yet. He came to our school and talked to about 100 of us, and he danced for us. Only one girl in our year level did ballet so she got to dance pas de deux with him. I bought the book not long after but didn’t end up reading it. Safe to say now I have seen the movie and read the book I absolutely hate myself for not getting his autograph! I did stay to talk with him afterwards with my friend (the girl who got to dance with him) but what I would give to talk to him again now!!! I really wish I had had a better idea of who he was :(


Thought I’d start taking pics of how bad my feet are so I can gauge any improvement!

Bad turn out:

Rolly ankles:


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