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Day 16 of 365


Spent all day watching Beyond Words vids, thinking about choreographing but knowing there’s not much point until I get this year’s concert DVD so I can see exactly what I’ve got to work with. Not to mention a) not much from Beyond Words I can use in calisthenics and b) nothing I ever attempt to do will ever be anything compared to Kate Jablonski. 

My ballet teacher has changed the way I want to coach. The way she puts so much emphasis on feeling…I think I could do well by using that in my coaching. Especially for little kids, imagining they’re in a balloon or they’re zipping up their front and down their back, and imagining they need to fit the word “supercalifragilisticexpialadocious” across their chest, that’ll all work so much better than anything I’ve ever been told. One coach I had told us to pretend we had a big necklace on that we wanted to show off. What’d that do? Bent our backs! Thinking back on it, that coach actually had no clue what deportment was. She never once told any of us (in 8 years I had with her) to tuck our bums under. The first rule of deportment!! She also didn’t know how to teach grace or stage presence, and without deportment, grace and stage presence all you have is a stack of lanky girls flopping around like deformed giraffes. 

Speaking of my ballet teacher, we were doing second arabesque at the barre yesterday and she said “Jaydie, just lift your eyeline a fraction, the rest of your body is really lovely!” eshfihefuihewghreghreghrerfh I was so happy…mostly because I was in so much pain and didn’t want it to be for nothing! But then we did grand battement derriere and my hips were disgustingly wonky, but she told me to consciously push my shoulder and hip on the working side forward and then said “There! Perfect! Well done!”. I had always heard people talk about how excited they get when their ballet teacher compliments them, or at least doesn’t criticise them, and now I get it. They don’t say much to individual people, so when they do say something it’s like IHRWEIHFEIWHFIKKGHGEKGREWPG

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